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The Øuterkind team was challenged to re-invent the Kids Zone experience at NASCAR races, creating a new platform that can entertain, educate and inspire the next generation of NASCAR fans.


In 2023, the Øuterkind team developed a family-friendly atmosphere at NASCAR tracks around the country that allows children and their parents to engage in age-appropriate activities that cater to the diverse needs of families attending the events. We crafted experiences that partners with NASCAR sponsors Wal-Mart Adventure Force, LEGO and ROBLOX to bring an entirely new and immersive footprint to life. The all-new Kids Zone features the first-ever coloring stock car, mini racetrack, educational build, race stations and several creative play areas that let kids be kids!


The NASCAR Kids Zone provides an incredible environment at the track that enhances the overall experience during NASCAR race weekends, promotes a family-friendly atmosphere and helps cultivate a new generation of racing enthusiasts.

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